Monday, November 28, 2011

Travis Dunn's Sinterklaas iPhone Poem (2010)

alloc malloc release free
NSAsshole retaincount plz
interface builder, worse than fulsome
programmatic brain rape corpus callosum
make no mistake: you are mistaken
that memory space was never taken
multi-threading staph infection
objective c threw a pointer erection
for you

Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Make Something Interesting with Bob

The Bob application I wrote for OS X in 2006-ish was approved by Apple to be sold in the AppStore. It has a couple bugs here and there, but I thought I'd follow a lean startup mentality and just throw it out there and see if it gets traction. If enough people enjoy it, I'll be more than happy to fix the bugs.

Although the app can be downloaded and starts working as soon as you press the "Start" button. It's probably not super intuitive to make something interesting with it if you haven't been around the MIDI block more than a few times. I thought I would share a brief tutorial on how I made this with NI's Absynth and Bob.

Step 1: Open Absynth

Step 2: File -> Audio and Midi Settings

Step 3: MIDI -> Inputs -> set Absynth 5 Virtual Input Status to "ON"

Step 4: Open Bob

Step 5: Midi Destinations should have Absynth available.

Step 6: Press "Start"

These steps are more or less the same for most MIDI software. Also if you have an external routing box to external synths that should be listed in the drop downs as well.

Have fun!!