Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Dutch skill

Last night Jen had her first experience with what was described to me as "a mandatory Dutch skill". The skill is sitting as a passenger on the back of someone's bike. It's a little like horse riding in that guys straddle the bike and girls ride with both legs on one side. This is works out fine as long as A.) your dutch or B.) if you are wearing high-heels your keep your high-heels clear of the bike wheel spokes. Jen quick toppled herself and a colleague of mine's girlfriend. So quickly in fact I was only halfway through the sentence, "This is not going to end well", when it happened.

On a side note, when in Amsterdam it is apparently odd for one girl to query another girl for the best place to buy "pepper spray". Pepper spray is apparently illegal. Jen got the response: "What do you think someone is going to pull up in SUVs with guns as in the states?" To which she replied, "Maybe, it's happened to us before." Which is in fact true. Come to think of it, her response may have been more awkward then her question.

In closing here is a picture of an obligatory windmill: