Monday, October 15, 2007

i've been struggling with what to do with this blog now that my life has returned to normal. . .or mostly normal in the context of average american lifestyles. the blog was started in order to keep in touch with people back here in america while i was in saudi arabia and now that my life is in america. . .who wants to read about an average american person?

well. . .

i might have underestimated the relationships i established in saudi arabia. i assumed my quick and unexpected departure would have resulted in short disappointment and confusion, and that would be that. . .however in retrospect i can see the following scene completely played out in my mind. victor goes to durma. . .our friends in durma ask about my where abouts. . .victor explains i'm back in america. . .the saudis ask why? victor says, "you'll have to ask him". . .and this blog and my youtube videos are discovered. apparently virtually all our saudi friends have visited youtube to see the videos i created in saudi arabia. apparently at first they seemed a little disgruntled but the shift to "popularity" has become exciting to everyone except the 90 year old father.

ramadan, an islamic religious holiday where fasting is done during the day, is over. . .and eid, a bit of several holidays combined into one three day celebration, has begun. there are carpets put in front of the house on the street in durma. . .and people are coming to visit in the morning. . .starting at 6am. there are fireworks. . .candy is given out to all. . .and then there is a feast of sheep, chicken and several other delicacies. . .in the evening there is dancing (men only) and more food. . .what better time to take some pictures. . .for worldwide distribution.