Sunday, April 22, 2007

a few years ago i went to new york city. . .i was staying on the upper west side of manhatten. . .and taking the subway to brooklyn every other day for theremin lessons. . .but one morning i got on the subway and i rode it toward "ground zero" of the world trade center disaster instead. . .only the train didn't go to world trade center anymore. . .so i got off at the stop before. i walked up the stairs to outside. . .and i saw it. . .the big hole. . .the one you see on tv. . .only it was bigger than i expected. . .it was huge. . .i'm sure i looked like any other world trade rubber necker. . .standing there with my month hanging open at the sheer size of the whole dibacal. i walked around the hole. . .there were some construction machines inside it. . .but no one was working. i don't know how many square blocks the hole is. . .maybe 2, 3 or 4?. . .i remembered seeing those dust clouds blowing down the street with people running horrified while the buildings came down. . .and i bent down and stuck my finger in some dust that was still gathered between a sidewalk and a building. . .it was soft.

i literally live right across the street from where some of the 9/11 hijackers went to school. . .and everytime classes get out and i see college kids going to their cars or getting in taxis. . .i try to imagine the hijackers being just a bunch of college kids standing in the parking lot smoking cigarettes like the kids across the street. . .they look so normal. . .and then i think about that eff'ing hole in new york. . .that is so outside the ordinary it rocked a nation and the world. . .that hole seems so far away from those kids. . .but just as i stand in the dust blowing in off the desert in saudi arabia. . .it was only a few years ago i was poking disaster dust in nyc.

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terrorist said...

its all relative.
my clothes dryer is made by GE. the same GE that operates a plant in florida that makes neutron generators for nuclear bombs. japan and india are interested in paying them lots of money for shared technological resources for the next gen nuclear weapons. *the same japan that lost over 200,000 people to american-dropped atomic bombs in 1945*
its all relative.
i have to spend money on gasoline to drive to my job. my job takes out taxes that go to the u.s. government. considering its not a huge leap to acknowledge that some oil money coming from the west finds its way to ""terrorists"" in the mideast - i have discovered i am, in effect, funding both sides of a war(s) i do not agree with.
its all relative. [which is what i think you are saying]