Saturday, March 24, 2007

who needs game when you have bluetooth? if you don't know what bluetooth is you can read about at what am i getting at here? i learned the fine art of picking up saudi girls from a new friend of mine named talal. . .now obviously this has no relevance to me. . .as i have jennifer. . .and it actually has no relevance to talal because he as well is engaged. . .but i bring it up because it's just so dang interesting. no booze, no clubs. . .so all the traditional american type avenues for promiscuity go out the window. here is how a saudi does it. . .

you dud up, and head to one of the malls or olaya st. suppose you see a girl. . .remember the women here wear abayas so you don't know exactly what you are looking at. . .but you make some eye contact. . .then maybe she will show she is interested. . .from winking. . .to something extreme like showing her face. . .then you show her your phone. . .she nods. . .then you send your number to her via bluetooth. . .then maybe she calls you. . .and depending on how "good" of a girl she is. . .you might talk with her a few times to a couple weeks then set up a time to meet. . .or "hookup". funny how people use technology in new in interesting ways. . .(i.e. circumventing islamic law).

. . .but again since none of this is relevant to talal or i. . .after he explained it all to me on wednesday night. . .we just went and played billiards instead. after billards we went to the garden or whatever he and his friends have(i have to learn what these garden/compounds are called). . .and i finally learned the rules to bellot (the euchre like card game i mentioned earlier). . .in addition to making some more new friends. . .another late night (3am).

friday i spent most of the day working on bob. yousef called me after the last prayer time (about 8:30pm). . .and i met him and his brother at kindom center tower. they wanted to take me to the top of it. . .first they showed me the mall at the base of the tower. . .which was virtually impossible to get into because. . .the mall only lets "families" in on the weekend. . .this means 1 man and 1 woman minimum per group. . . .(i'm assuming to combat what i talked about at the beginning of this post). the only reason they let us in (3 guys) was because i am american. . .and the security agreed i should see the mall as a tourist. . .but it took calling the manager of security to get it done. once we did make it into the mall and up to the top of the tower it was way too dark for pictures or video. . .so i don't have any. . .but you could buy a picture from a "professional" photographer. . .so i should be getting a copy of that at some point. the top of the tower is the tallest point in saudi arabia. . .99 floors. . .

then we went to the restaurant on the 77th floor. . .where we had mocktails (i.e. cocktails without alcohol) and some cake and ice cream. i paid the bill. . .which was very expensive for what we got. . .but i felt like i owed these guys something for showing me around. . .but i think i upset them a little bit because they felt they should get the bill. . .so they forced me to agree to come to their house for lunch on tuesday. . .which will be a holiday. . .because the king just said. . .there is going to be a holiday tuesday and wednesday. . .i think it's because the arab summit is in town those days and they want diminished traffic. . .anyway. . .so i guess i'll be eating there tuesday. after the tower experience yousef, his brother and i went to eat dinner. . .again an extremely late dinner (1 am). . .at mcdonald's. . .ha.

friday. . .i worked on bob. . .and slept. . .and bought some food. . .made tacos. . .relaxed. . .it was a pretty long weekend i needed a day of down time.

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