Sunday, March 18, 2007

starbucks. . .guess what not everything translates around the world. . .i saw a saudi guy eating the starbucks "roasting process" display. . .if you frequent starbucks. . .you know what i'm talking about. . .the display shows four stages of how starbucks essentially takes cheap ass green coffee beans and burns them to hell and calls them "great coffee". . .(don't get me wrong i like burnt ass cheap beans coffee). anyway. . .i can see the dude's confusion. . .imagine if you can't read english and you walk up to a display were four containers of aesthetically different beans are laid out invitingly. . .you might think. . ."wow, i'm going to eat these".

so i have a mobile phone. the mobile phone thing works a little different out here. phones are not tied to providers. you can buy and phone and then pick a provider. there a few providers i use a company called "mobily". i buy pre-paid cards, so i don't accidentally pull a dave burford, i.e. pick up my grandparents phone just dial budapest and talk for 4 hours. . .then act surprised when my grandparents confront me with a $1k phone bill. . .typically there is a guy that rides a bike around the compound that sells phone cards. so when i need some more minutes i walk outside and wait for him to come by. . .i did this last night. . .only i didn't see the guy on the bike. . .instead i heard that one american took some cards from him and promised to pay him back. . .so the guy on the bike wrote down how many cards he took and came back a week later. the american owed the guy about 560 S.R. . .this guy only makes about 1 S.R. per card he sells so he maybe makes 5 - 10 S.R. a night. . .that's about $1 - $4 USD. . .anyway he comes back to get the money from the american who suddenly refuses to pay full 560 S.R. . .he just totally screws over the guy on the bike. . .i mean that's like a month of work for that guy. . .so the guy on the bike is now gone. . .i hope the pimp daddy of phone cards didn't bury him in the desert.

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