Thursday, March 15, 2007

okay. . .i'm not crazy. . .it really is getting hotter here. . .today it is 35 degrees C (95 degrees F). i guess it gets to about 50 degrees C (122 degrees F) in the summer. . .but when it's already too hot does it really matter if it gets even hotter?. . .and. . .does anyone know what the html unicode for degrees is?

the "party" last night was fun. . .but as expected it was pretty much the same ol' thing. . .bunch of dudes sitting around talking, eating and whatnot until very very very late. i thought i was getting stood up for awhile. . .but they came and got me at about 9:30pm. i met them outside gate 4 at imam university and followed them in my car. . .i was still alittle nervous so i felt more comfortable taking my car so i could leave if need be. . .i felt really silly. . .as i always do. . .for being nervous once i got there. . .everyone was quite young (i was the oldest person there). . .ages 17 to 27. . .with the bulk of people being 21ish. we sat around and talked about what i thought about saudi arabia. . .what i expected before i came. . .blah blah blah. . .then dinner was served about 12am. . .yes 12 am. . .then we talked some more. . .probably the most interesting topic for was about the banks. . .

i have to apologize for knocking the saudis for having all these foreign owned banks "because they can't run them themselves". . .the reason the saudis don't have many saudi banks is because it's not that profitable an enterprise. why? islamic law. . .they can't charge interest. . .if you take out a loan for 1000 S.R. you pay back 1000 S.R. no more no less the condition of the loan being your salary is auto deposited. . .the bank takes out a percentage to be applied to your loan payoff. . .then the rest is made avaliable to you. . .so you can't. . .not pay on the loan.

aside from eating and talking we actually watched an episode of the television show "heros", which i haven't seen. . .but actually sorta liked. so i'll probably download some more.

anyway. . .the night wrapped up about 4am. . .i exchanged some phone numbers. . .which hopefully means more new friends. . .and followed someone home. everyone was extremely kind.