Wednesday, March 14, 2007

it's starting to get hot here. i noticed it first the other day, and really noticed last night when i went for a run. i realized it was too hot to run in pants anymore and i should probably run in shorts. . .and this was at 10pm. it's only march. . .which means it must get REALLY hot over the summer. . .which of course everyone knows. . .but i guess i'm going to live it not just know it.

i'm still reading this koran. the part i'm reading now really isn't that exciting. . .which is why haven't said much about it. it's just a lot of rules and regulations about marriage, divorce and death of husbands and wives. . .when one can remarry and all that. . .which is all very practical and reasonable.

i guess i've been invited to hangout with a guy named yousef tonight. he said he and his friends were having a "party" and he wanted me to come. i don't know what this means exactly. . .a "party". . .i mean i'm assuming there will be no alcohol or women. . .so what does that mean and how is it different than hanging out with the guys like i've been doing? he called me last night to verify i was still coming. . .and asked were i lived. . .i told him "romaizan compound". . .and he was like "okay. . .i'll find out where that is and call you tomorrow." then he hung up before i could explain. . .he can't get into the compound. . .it's not like he can just pull up at the front of my villa and ring the bell. . .there is pretty heavy security to get into the compound. . .and it's hard to get saudis in there anyway. . .so i'm not entirely sure how that's going to play out.

i'd be lying if i didn't say i wasn't a little nervous. . .i mean there is a certain level of trust associated with getting into someone's car you don't know and letting them drive you somewhere. i mean the assumption is since this guy knows some other guys that seem okay he is probably okay too. i hate to be class-ist or to stereotype, being the social liberal i am, but i know i'm probably safest by following general guidelines. . .like. . .the educated people are usually the safest. for example. . .since yousef studied in canada and has been a foreigner in a foreign land he probably understands the difficulty in establishing social networks overseas. . .he is also probably more tolerant to westerns since he lived among them. . .so therefore i will probably be safe. . .

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mister-dickinson-himself said...

yeah, what kind of party doesn't have booze or women? what the hell. i just hope it doesn't involve a bunch of dudes sitting in a circle around a biscuit. maybe monopoly?