Monday, March 12, 2007

i'd like to point a very important observation about this city. . .now. . .this is the biggest city in saudi arabia. . .guess how many homeless people i've seen here?. . .zero. . .not one. . .there are absolutely NO homeless people here. . .no one begs. . .weird, huh? i'm not entirely sure why. . .but i know if someone has money problems it's a family problem. . .i also know that people are willing to do anything for some cash (wash cars, pickup trash, etc). . .and on top of that the government (the kingdom) gives handouts of money, land and shops to give people a chance. . .only people don't pay taxes. . .so where does this money come from?. . .YOU!. . .hahaha. . .oil, yes oil. . .again every time you drive your car past a homeless person in the states. . .remember you are keeping the homeless off the streets in riyadh, or perhaps you could walk to grocery instead of driving and give your gas money to the next homeless person that asks for it. . .at least then you may be keeping the homeless off the streets in your own country.

on a side note. . .people don't beg. . .but. . .people will try to sell you stuff. . .i went to the computer market yesterday. . .you can buy pretty much buy any bootleg software for about 10 - 20 S.R. (about $3 - $7 USD). . .anyway. . .i got outta my car and there was a group of guys yelling "office 2007 for vista!!!". . .and i kid you not. . .some dude clotheslined/choked another guy to get to me. . .and i didn't even want that software. . .man!. . what i wouldn't have given to have catch that on video. . .it was the funniest thing i've seen in awhile. . .

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