Sunday, February 18, 2007

the weekend here is thursday and friday, so i just survived my second weekend here. i spent the weekend doing three things driving, reading and i went to a cookout.

the driving is best summed up with the following video clip.

i did get outta the car and i walked past a chili's and applebee's. i also
walked past not only a bently dealership but a bugatti dealership as well. . .
if you don't know what a bugatti is. . .it's a car that starts at 1 million

i read about islam. apparently the arabs where spawed by Ishmael, Abraham's older son who was cheated out of his inheritence by Issac (who spawed the jews). This is interesting to me because it's proof we are all talking about the same God. the rest of the literature was pretty silly. the koran says something about man coming from the mud and looking like a chewed substance, and then it showed a picture of a weeks old fetus next to a chewed piece of bubble gum and was like "see absolute truth!"

the cookout was nice. . .lots of homemade alcohol. . .and some black market alcohol as well. . .which is totally cool behind compound and embassy walls. . .but i've been suffering from some sort of weird sleep apnea related to drinking. . . which is really weird. . .i noticed before i got here. . .but i'm still having that problem. . .so i might lay low on the drinking for a while. otherwise the people are extremely kind and there is an awesome sense of community at the compound. i heard a few horror stories from people who left the city and went into the desert so i'm not sure i'll be doing that. . .

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