Saturday, February 24, 2007

so. . .i grew this beard. . .and between that and my big nose. . .everyone thinks i'm lebanese. . .which is cool because i'm not immediately considered american. . .and i'm less likely to be in any danger. . .(again not there seems to be too much danger). . .but people always start busting all sorts of arabic on me. . .and i have no idea what they are saying. . .and the truth comes out.

i survived another weekend. i didn't do much. . .i worked a bit. . .and when shopping. i discovered the locoste store. . .which might be problematic. . .because the stuff is about as much as it is in the states. . .and i do love locoste. i also got some sunglasses. . .which i'm an idiot for coming to the desert without sunglasses.

it's pretty cool here, but i miss jennifer terribly. i get lonely from time to time. the restaurant/pub has agreed to have a mock wedding if she comes out. . .people here are so kind.

my washer is currently seeping bubbles outta every seam. i must have put too much detergent in there.

i bought a Koran (Qu'ran) today. again. . .i'm not turning islamic, but i do want to understand what these people are all about. . .and i think this is a good way. since everything here is based on it. plus i've read the bible. . .and i hear there are quite a few similarities. . .and i want to compare.


ght said... beard kicks your beard's ass...

Anonymous said...

how about a picture of you with the beard. the streets looked like marble in that video. it looks very clean and the buildings austere and beautiful.