Friday, February 16, 2007

okay here is the inside of the villa. . .to a pseudo-original music score. i say pseudo-original because it's really just tricked out apple garage band stuff. . . but i have gotten pretty decent at tricking that piece of software out.

work. . .so work is. . .well normal. . .the people are really kind. . .a lot of americans and arabs. . .and the rest is just really random: brazil, australia, brits. . .etc. The work culture is very similar to any IT shop in the states. . .
people probably write 10 useful lines a code a day and the rest of the time
people stand around and talk. . .surf the web. . .and i interupted some guy
playing minesweeper yesterday. on the upside i'm compiling c++ code that
controls bio-meteric devices (finger tip scanners, retinal scanners, etc) which
IS way cooler than writing insurance applications as i expected. i got proselytized to yesterday by a muslim at work which was weird. . .because A.) i've
never been proselytized to by anyone but christians. . .and B.) i was at work
. . .which obiviously you can't really do in the states. i guess the view is
i'm here. . .in the KSA. . .because God has chosen me. . .the KSA being the
location of Mecca. . .it's a HUGE islamic center. . .the center. so. . .
obviously. . .being here, chosen by God. . .i'm supposed to become islamic. i was given some books
that say on the front. . .for the seekers of truth. i thought that was funny. . .because the rhetoric sounds so "christian". you've probably heard alot about
sunni vs. shiite in regards to sectarian violance in iraq. the KSA is sunni. . .and they HATE the shiite. near as i can tell they regard the shiite as equivalant to evangelical christians that preach the message but drive expensive cars and live in large houses. . .however. . .people do that here as well. . .so
whatever. anyway. . .i really sorta want to go checkout a mosque. . .but i guess
i shouldn't go by myself. . .eventually someone will probably ask me to go. . .again. . .to convert me, but i just want to see what it's about. don't worry i'm
not about to trade the US state religion for the KSA state religion . . .heh. . .

btw. . .my villa. . .it across the street from the university. . .it's the same
university where most the 9/11 hijackers went to school. this is just an interesting fact. . .it doesn't make me any less safe. don't worry about me!

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