Sunday, February 25, 2007

here is a new video i shot last night in downtown riyadh. keep in mind it is technically against the law to shoot photos or videos. . .so it all has to be done very discreetly.


mister-dickinson-himself said...

That building skyliner looked like a cross between a UFO and Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Thought you might jack in the Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme.

Any way you can get a short movie of that grocery store? Some of the fruits, some of the weirdo boxes in the aisles, that sort of thing.

How you shootin these tapes?

mister-dickinson-himself said...

Aren't you supposed to be doing the whole let-the-folks-at-home-know sorta thing. Like, letting us know about the money rates, how the postal stamps look. Let's hear about the ladies there. Let's hear about addresses, you should be posting your compound address you the Rat Pack can send you care packages from the good old USA.